What is this site?

RPC-db is a database website that displays various statistics for the RPC Wiki and the Liminal Archives.

Why isn't (page) showing up?

There are two possibilities:

  1. The page was created after the latest database update, in which case it will be cataloged during the next update (once a day at 10PM EST).
  2. The page is tagged improperly - only pages with the tags 'rpc, rpc-j, tale, document, personnel, hub, guide, alternative-content, author-page' for the RPC Wiki, and 'article, guide, hub, author-page' for the Liminal Archives are included in the database. If your page falls into one of these categories but does not have the appropriate tag, update it and it will be cataloged during the next update. If your page cannot be tagged for whatever reason but you would still like it to be catalogued, contact me (Jenkins#0952 on Discord or Drjemin on Wikidot) and I will flag it accordingly.

Why are the vote dates inaccurate?

RPC-db started logging votes on the 10th of July 2020 (5th of August 2022 for Liminal Archives), so that is the earliest date votes will default to. Additionally, if you updated your page to be included in the database as per "Why isn't (page) showing up?", existing votes will default to the date the page was added. Additionally, due to my incompetence and laziness, the site is prone to breaking for extended periods of time. Votes placed during these periods will have their dates default to the date that logging resumes.

How are ratings filtered?

Ratings are filtered in two ways. Votes from deleted users aren't logged at all in database updates. Self-votes and votes from banned users are logged, and can be viewed in a page's statistics, but aren't counted toward its total vote count or rating. The site uses a list of banned users for this which is updated manually.

What is the Jenkins Index?

The Jenkins Index (JI) is a rough gauge of an article's popularity and how well-received it is by the community - it is by no means an objective measure of quality. JI is calculated through a simple formula: number of votes * (rating - 3). This sets 3 stars as the average for article popularity - an article with an average rating of 3 stars will have a JI of 0 no matter what, and articles with averages below that will have a negative JI. An author's JI is simply the sum of all their articles' JI, and there is no maximum.

What is the Vizlox Index?

Whereas the Jenkins Index gauges popularity, the Vizlox Index (VI) attempts to gauge quality on a 5-star scale. For pages, VI is calculated through the formula: rating * (-1 / (0.5 * number of votes + 1) + 1). Author VI is calculated slightly differently: the average of every vote they have ever received is taken, combined with the total vote count of all their articles, which is then plugged into the VI formula above with a harsher scale of 0.1. This weights author VI for more consistently high-quality authors, rather than prioritizing one-hit wonders.

How are calculations different for upvote/downvote-based sites?

Liminal Archives and any other future sites that use an upvote/downvote rating system have had their statistical calculations adjusted slightly, namely the JI and VI formulas. Although they work differently, the intent behind each scale is still the same and I've tried to make them as analogous as possible.