What are NI and CI?

The Novel Index and Classic Index are variations on the Vizlox Index, designed to favor newer articles and older articles respectively. They work by taking the normal VI of an article and weighting it based on the age of the article using a logistics curve, relative to the age of the RPC Wiki. Currently, NI is designed to mainly favor articles posted within the last 30% of the site's existence, and CI is designed to favor the first half of the site's existence.


Minimum votes: Maximum votes:
Minimum rating: Maximum rating:

What are the author stats?

Total Articles counts every article you have authored or co-authored. CWs counts every co-authored article, including rewrites which involved multiple rewrite authors. RWs counts every rewrite. VR counts ever vote you have recieved on all articles. VG counts ever vote you have given on other people's articles. VR/A represents the average number of votes you recieve on each article. VG/VR represents how many votes you've given for each vote receieved.

See the FAQ for information on JI and VI.

NI represents the VI of your recent articles, while CI represents the VI of your older articles. GI represents the VI of your best articles.